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The fall of the emperor of pessimism

The fall of the emperor of pessimism

The fall of the emperor of pessimism

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    The fall of the emperor of pessimism
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    Lovely tumbler
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-05 16:18:02
all living beings in the world drift like duckweeds, and no one is spared. Everything in the world has a definite number. Whether you are an Immortal Emperor or a bandit who falls on the grass, you are affected by the six reincarnations. If you want to jump out, you need to cross thousands of people before you can be detached from the secular world, live with heaven and earth, and shine with the sun and moon. The immortal realm under thousands of worlds should have been peaceful, but it was destroyed by a kind rescue by Emperor Prajna. It really makes the gods sigh that the emperor's territory, which had already crossed into the dust-free territory and enjoyed the same life in heaven and earth, has been reduced to this place. After thousands of generations, all living beings can't cross by themselves. This is the fate of fate. It's really intriguing whether the intentional people have planned it long ago.

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