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Hu song: the rise of the prince

Hu song: the rise of the prince

Hu song: the rise of the prince

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    Hu song: the rise of the prince
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    for a long time
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    Daily Novel
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2023-01-23 11:10:49
Zhao Xuan passed through, and he was the prince of the Song Dynasty who passed through the world of water margin "crown prince, your majesty is going to abolish you." "hey hey, the crown prince is covered by his ancestors, and he can abolish it if he wants." "crown prince, those treacherous officials are corrupt and perverted in the law, causing chaos to the court, causing turmoil in the world and making people miserable." "don't worry, I won't be there for a few days." "crown prince, Xixia, Liao and other countries invade our borders." "It's just a barbarian from a foreign country. When the prince himself leads the troops to destroy them." "Prince..." "Prince..." "Prince..." "Prince..." "don't worry, don't worry, there's nothing that can't be solved with the prince."

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