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Legend of IO

Legend of IO

Legend of IO

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    Legend of IO
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    The moon is full and the river is far away
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    Passion Novel
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2022-10-17 21:51:21
Perhaps you have fantasized about crossing into a different world and living a different life maybe it is to become a kind and brave orc, or an elegant and mysterious witch or elves meditating under the stars, or frightening undead it may also be rich goblins and lovely goblins cunning devils, arrogant dragons, towering giants... or do you finally decide to be a human with complex contradictions again people are always looking forward to the scene of an alien world, but have you ever thought that life in an alien world may not be easy tens of thousands of years ago, the war raged in Io's position, filled with smoke of gunpowder the same is true for the Othello era tens of thousands of years later all ethnic groups are at war and crisis is imminent now, the invisible hand in the night sky is playing with the net of fate, and the smell of death is spreading everywhere - crazy and terrible Zerg, ambitious demons, ocean creatures eager to return to land, and angels who bring light and destruction... both peace loving gondo and world-class snow are inevitably involved in this vortex Where is the player in the chess game is everything really doomed How can oaksa, Avalon, Lucas and hope, who are chess pieces, be qualified to play chess and control their own destiny

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