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Molly and Prince Black Mirror

Molly and Prince Black Mirror

Molly and Prince Black Mirror

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3367 ratings
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    Molly and Prince Black Mirror
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    Holy pen grid
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    Wind Book
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2023-02-08 12:24:00
In late September 2119, a legend can be heard from time to time in the streets in the heart of Wanjing, the capital of the United Republic of mankind: there has always been a Kingdom under the continent where people live for a long time. The people in the Kingdom have the abilities of other creatures, and the creation of all this comes from their king Rodriguez I. It is said that he has obtained a super era of genetic technology the king had a son named Tu Ying. Prince Tu Ying's ambition increases with age. Until one day, in a public dispute between father and son, Prince Tu Ying stabbed his father to death with a sword. Since then, it has opened its own era although the prince's coldness seems to be innate, remorse is also true. After his father's death, Tu Ying prince always held a black mirror and guarded his father's sarcophagus. Since then, Prince Tu Ying has had a title, Prince Black mirror under the leadership of Prince Black mirror, his kingdom has become more and more powerful, and his power has spread to the elite on the land in the face of this oral story, some people believe it, and some people laugh. However, what the truth is, we have to start with a girl named Molly who lives on land

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