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Thirty six changes in the dream

Thirty six changes in the dream

Thirty six changes in the dream

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    Thirty six changes in the dream
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    Water, wood and grass ran
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    Light Novel
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2022-08-05 17:09:13
Pangu opened the sky. Thirty six changes of the supreme immortal Dharma spread in the world. All living beings in the world strive for transcendence and compete for the immortal Dharma, which eventually leads to the scattering of the immortal Dharma into thirty-six kinds of supernatural powers. Those who obtain one of the supernatural powers can form their own school, become a big family, a religion in the world, and even establish a country. For thousands of years, the forces of all parties have gradually balanced. Among the 36 kinds of magic powers, except for three lost and unaccounted for, the other 33 kinds of magic powers are controlled by 33 forces. 33 forces are called thirty-three days. The road to becoming a God in the world is broken due to the lack of three immortal methods. No one becomes a God and soars. In a flash, thousands of years pass by. Time has come to modern times

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