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The only true reflection of the heavens

The only true reflection of the heavens

The only true reflection of the heavens

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5491 ratings
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    The only true reflection of the heavens
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    Biluo bosom friend
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-09-27 12:18:52
Born again at the age of 18, the past is like a dream Xiao Qian lived a dull life in his previous life. He has been away from the crowd for 30 years with the eyes of passers-by. An accidental return to the eve of the college entrance examination, he is no longer ordinary what is the truth of the past grievances and whether the parallel world exists? Is the world really just the noise and flashiness in front of you? What is the heart of the opposite sex who used to be familiar with but then disappeared from the earth as mysteries are slowly solved, new mysteries emerge. In the face of this slowly revealed world, Xiao Qian is attracted to his beauty one by one. What's more, how should Xiao Qian deal with the upcoming crisis in the whole world? Should he be as passive as in his previous life, or should he cheer up and respond positively the confusion of life, the interaction between truth and falsehood, the collision between emotion and reason, and all the answers are in this book!

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