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When it snows at dusk

When it snows at dusk

When it snows at dusk

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    When it snows at dusk
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2022-08-15 10:24:10
The world is vast and time is limited. Why rush! Life is busy, short and long, but it is difficult to measure the gains and losses. Look at the autumn wind, Golden Valley, night moon, Wujiang River, Afang palace cold, tongquetai wasteland. Dew on the glorious flowers, rich grass cream. If you know the mechanism thoroughly, you will forget all your worries. Boast about the Dragon Pavilion and the Phoenix Pavilion, and say that it is profitable. When you are free, you will be quiet and rampant in poetry and wine. It's not too late to sing a song, and the lake and sea are boundless. Meet the scenery at the right time, pick up Cuifang, and ask some close friends to go to the wild stream. Or the suitability of Qin and chess, or the water cup, or the good cause and effect, or the rise and fall of modern and ancient times. Look at the beautiful flowers and branches, listen to the birds and play the Sheng spring. Once he had repeated human feelings, the world was hot and cold. Enjoy leisure time and spend time freely. In wartime, I threw blood and sprinkled my head. In my spare time, I sat on the tower opposite the moon. I don't know if someone is at the mouth of the river on the other bank? Based on this, the West Building listens to old stories, but sees white clothes drinking and crossing the river.

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