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Cyberpunk: the new God

Cyberpunk: the new God

Cyberpunk: the new God

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2791 ratings
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    Cyberpunk: the new God
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    Yandi licao
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    Qishi Book
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2023-03-27 04:04:05
Human! The only lesson you can learn in history! Just can't learn any lessons in 007's gospel, the splendid civilization of the old era was submerged in the rolling nuclear dust the initiators of the nuclear war, thousands of years later, have forged a new civilization, become a new God, also brought a new fear, and... A new cage in the new world, people... No! Or is it that the creatures in the huge neon cities on the waste land are divided into four grades, and only the gods and servants at the top of the city can be called people, others? Ha ha< Br> are all dogs, pigs and insects. * Br > but history is always so strikingly similar that one day! At the feet of the gods, in the neon, a voice shouted: I am a man! God! Would you rather have seed therefore, a god sealing war to change fate and level slowly kicked off!

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