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Tokyo criminal: Superintendent glory

Tokyo criminal: Superintendent glory

Tokyo criminal: Superintendent glory

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1863 ratings
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    Tokyo criminal: Superintendent glory
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    Skipping stitch
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-27 12:40:01
This is a Tokyo Crime Solving novel that deals with investigation, trace, autopsy and Criminal Psychology - "death elevator", "strange talk of animals", "madhouse", "man demon in rainy night", "ghost of isolated island"< Br> the undead demon prowled in the darkness of Tokyo, waiting to vent endless evil and hatred< Br> after graduation, Kamei Feng became a criminal policeman in the first Department of the criminal division of the Tokyo Shibuya police department. On his first day at work, he encountered a vicious kidnapping case< Br> since then, more bizarre cases have come one after another. With the help of golden finger, Feng Shenwei has also gone deep into the front-line crime scene, honed his brain into a computer, hardened his eyes into a microscope, and learned the truth in the strange plot< Br> there are no ghosts in the world, and the skillful hands are wronged< Br> with the belief that the murder case will be solved, maple Shenwei finally grew from a rookie to a walking criminal investigation textbook< Br> this book is also known as: I have solved strange cases in Tokyo many times, criminal police of 1996, simulator kills you, no one wants to run, help me up, catch that bastard, and the police commissioner promotion of Shenwei criminal, etc!

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