This article was published on June 11, 2024

Dutch home-building platform lands €1.1M to help solve housing crisis

Haaven wants to make sustainable home building more affordable and stress-free

Dutch home-building platform lands €1.1M to help solve housing crisis

Just last month, the Guardian described the housing crisis in Amsterdam as “next level.” And things are not much better across Europe as a whole. Prices and rents are soaring across the continent, and the lack of availability is staggering. 

A Dutch startup wants to change that — at least for those willing to embark on the journey of building their own green home — and has just received €1.1mn in pre-seed funding to help it along the way. 

Haaven is a digital platform that connects customers to builders of sustainable prefabricated homes, architects, and constructors to make the process more accessible and “stress-free.” 

The company’s catalogue of prefabricated houses includes everything from 11 square metres tiny homes to garden offices and almost 116 square metres villas. Prices range widely, from €23.000 to over €250.000. (Naturally, this does not include the price for the plot of land on which to build.)

The startup has committed to only building carbon-neutral homes. Suppliers include architects such as Italian Llabb, Dutch firms Architect2Go and Studio Brandvries, and ModulHus from Sweden. 

Meanwhile, the platform also allows users to submit their own designs, or work on a custom one together with an architect. After customers pick a design and approve a quote from a construction company, Haaven promises that the home will be built in a little over three months. 

Less on-site construction, no hidden costs

Haaven provides users with a Home Guide, described as a local expert that becomes the main point of contact for permits, planning, picking the right finishes, and “anything else that might come up.” 

Furthermore, the platform also assigns a Head Constructor to the project. Haaven then stays involved throughout the process, making sure that “everyone does their job.” 

Most of the work is done off-site, and homes are assembled and transported within 15 weeks. Haaven also promises no hidden costs or unexpected delays (which sounds like magic to anyone who has ever built or renovated a home). 

The mission, the startup says, is to streamline the construction process — which also comes with personal support and a 10-year warranty — and “reinvent the way we build homes.” 

“Addressing the housing crisis needs rapid construction. Yet, energy-efficient design and extreme durability remain core to our philosophy, ensuring homes are well insulated and preserved for future generations,” said Dédé, CEO and co-founder of Haaven.  

The company was founded in 2022 and just launched its product in Italy in February this year. Today it announced a €1.1mn pre-seed investment round led by Speedinvest. Dutch VC firm Golden Egg Check and several angel investors also participated, including Quintin Schevernels (ex-CEO of Funda), Mike de Boer (ex-CFO of Knab), Eric Klaassen (co-founder of Crisp), and Erik Nieuwenhuis (Founder of 12Build)

The cash injection will allow it to keep expanding its business in Italy and the Netherlands, and hire tech, product, sales, and technical support staff.

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