This article was published on June 10, 2024

TNW Conference 2024: Welcome to the electric future of race cars — and road vehicles

Discover the tech powering next-generation EVs from a Formula E champion

TNW Conference 2024: Welcome to the electric future of race cars — and road vehicles

As we count down to TNW conference in Amsterdam on June 20 and 21, we’re previewing the sessions that we’re most excited about.

One of my must-see talks mixes two of my great passions: sports and technology. Bringing them together is António Félix da Costa, a world champion of Formula E — the electric cousin of the petrol-powered Formula 1.

Da Costa is driving into the event for two special talks on Friday. First up is a keynote that will give an exclusive peek under the hood of high-tech race cars. Expect to discover the latest innovations in motorsports, from vehicle simulators to AI-optimised steering.

Then later that afternoon, da Costa will speed towards the TNW Talks stage for an intimate Q&A. During that session, the audience can ask the motorsports star their own questions. It’s a unique opportunity to discover the future of EVs on both the track and the road.

Black and white photo of Formula E driver António Félix da Costa, who's spearheading the development of electric vehicles (EVs)
Da Costa is at the vanguard of the EV revolution. Credit: Porsche

Meet your future EVs

From automation software to fast-charging EV batteries, automakers are constantly testing their latest innovations in race cars. That gives da Costa early insights into our next vehicles.

Those insights blend performance with sustainability. Formula E is the first motorsport with a net zero carbon footprint — and the vehicles are still among the fastest in the world. During a race, da Costa’s Porsche EV hits speeds of 250 km/h per hour.

“Our race car is the most efficient car in the world,” he told TNW in a recent interview.

At TNW Conference, da Costa will reveal what’s driving these high-speed efficiencies. He’ll also pull the curtain back on the tech behind our own cars of tomorrow.

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