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The fourth natural disaster is crossing

The fourth natural disaster is crossing

The fourth natural disaster is crossing

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    The fourth natural disaster is crossing
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    Hand shaking blind gun
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2023-05-26 00:41:13
Please note that the fearless natural disasters have appeared please take good care of your property and try to avoid going out in case of various violent incidents, it is recommended to clean up your memory in time to make yourself forget it please try your best to avoid communicating with them, otherwise you will bear all the consequences please don't believe every word they promise, because every word may be false please don't make enemies with them. They may be weak now, but they won't always be so weak finally, a solemn warning: if you are a good person, we will try our best to ensure your safety, but the rules are dead and the natural disasters are alive. If players drill rules loopholes, it is recommended to report them in time, but if they can succeed, please wait for notice if you are a bad person, please be sorry thank you for your cooperation

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