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Behind the appearance

Behind the appearance

Behind the appearance

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    Behind the appearance
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    Li Mou Mou
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2023-05-19 18:22:16
Wang hang, director of the planning department of (large group), fell in love with CEO Dong Zihan deeply. When Wang hang learned that he had a late brain tumor, he deliberately hurt Dong Zihan again and again in order to cut off his love before resigning, Wang hang compiled all the commercial inspiration into a sci-fi movie script. Hide and edit some very important information into the plot of science fiction film. The purpose is to use films to promote the company's industrial development and the global reputation of big group however, the tragedy is that people's positions and world outlook are different, and the world has entered a great change that is rare in a century. Wang hang encountered an artificial car accident after careful "planning" and promotion. Although Wang hang survived, he lost his memory in fact, this is just an appearance. Wang hang has no memory loss,... this theme belongs to the theme of drama, drama, commercial war, and the characters in the story are editing the story.

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