This article was published on June 12, 2024

TNW Conference 2024: Building the world’s first medically-cleared contraceptive app

What not to miss at this year's event from our editorial team

TNW Conference 2024: Building the world’s first medically-cleared contraceptive app

With only a little over a week left till the TNW Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 and 21, we’re highlighting some of the sessions we’re most excited about.

One of the talks I’m really looking forward to this year touches on a purpose very close to my heart: leveraging technology to transform healthcare applications.

If you’re as interested in the topic as I am, then make sure not to miss the talk by Elina Berglund, “The Period(ic) Table: An Algorithm for Natural Birth Control.” It will take place on Day 2 of the event on the TNW Talks stage between 11:00 and 11:20.

A Swedish particle physicist and entrepreneur, Berglund was part of the team that won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the Higgs boson particle at CERN in 2013.


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In the same year, she co-founded Natural Cycles, the world’s leading contraceptive app. The journey started when Berglund was looking for a hormone-free contraceptive method for herself. She realised that there was an unmet need for such a product worldwide.

Natural Cycles is the only digital method of contraception cleared by both US and European health regulators.

The app helps women track their fertility by measuring changes in body temperature during the menstrual cycle. The company’s proprietary algorithm analyses the temperature information to predict and confirm ovulation — without needing to depend on hormone-based solutions, such as the birth-control pill.

Elina Berglund
Elina Berglund. Credit: Natural Cycles

At TNW Conference, Berglund will talk about the science and technology behind the app, from conducting clinical trials to building machine learning algorithms. She will also delve into the role of data in health apps and share her insights on establishing the right processes to ensure data protection and build consumer trust.

Intriguingly, the example of Natural Cycles can provoke further contemplation.

How is technological innovation helping address gaps in patient care and treatments? How can tools such as personalised health apps improve the understanding of our body and our individual needs? What will the impact of emerging technologies be on healthcare?

In a previous interview with TNW, Berglund hinted at the potential of high-quality data and advanced algorithms to drive the future of health forward. Come join her in Amsterdam.

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